Run python [options] <expr>

usage: roll [-h] [-V] [-n] [-v] expression [expression ...]

Command Line Interface for the xdice library

positional arguments:
  expression      mathematical expression(s) containing dice <n>d<s> patterns

optional arguments:
  -h, --help      show this help message and exit
  -V, --version   print the xdice version string and exit
  -n, --num_only  print numeric result only
  -v, --verbose   print a verbose result
  • Basic use
python 1d6+1
>> 4       ([3]+1)
  • Multiple expressions
python 1d6+1 2d8
>> 6       ([5]+1)
>> 9       ([3, 6])
  • Numeric score only (-n)
python -n 1d6+1
>> 2
  • Verbose (-v)
python -v 2*(3D6L1+2D4)+R3(1d4+2)
>> 32      (2*(3d6l1(scores:[1, 3], dropped:[1])+2d4(scores:[1, 4]))+(1d4(scores:[2])+2+1d4(scores:[2])+2+1d4(scores:[4])+2))